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Content Strategy Consulting

Create Content That Educates, Informs, and Inspires Your Readers

When creating content, many businesses just launch straight in. They start writing blog posts or social media content without having a clear purpose or goal (except maybe a very vague goal like “I want to grow my business”).

Although this might lead to some desired results, most (if not all) successful content marketing campaigns follow a well thought out strategy.

Having a strategy will help you identify…

  • What to post (structured content ideas)
  • When to post (and how often)
  • How to post (on which channels)
  • Why you’re posting (what’s your purpose or goal?)

A clear strategy ensures that your content is moving you toward your business goals – measurably. So you’re not wasting your precious time creating content that’s not working for you.

With our Content Strategy Consulting service, we partner you in devising an outcome-driven content strategy, so you know exactly where you’re going with your content and how to get there.

You walk away with a content-roadmap that outlines…

  • How your content fits into your overall business strategy
  • Which problem your content helps aims to solve
  • Which topics fit within that purpose
  • How specific posts come together to tell a coherent and compelling story that will captivate and engage your audience

Together, we will map out your individual posts in an editorial calendar, so you can stay on track with your content creation, and stop constantly struggling for ideas.

Content Mentoring

If your content isn’t getting you the results you’re after, chances are a lack of strategy is to blame

Get in touch today so we can discuss your content strategy needs!

consulting and mentoring

Your writing is your greatest marketing asset, and learning how to leverage it is one of the most important investments you can make in your business

Get in touch today so we can discuss your copywriting mentoring needs!

Copywriting Mentoring

Learn the Art of Copywriting to Improve Your Marketing

If you want to sharpen your copywriting skills and learn how to strategically deliver words that move people to action, then we’ve got your back.

Perhaps you’ve read all the right books and even done workshops or training courses to hone your copywriting craft, but still lack confidence in your writing and would like some more guidance… Or maybe you’re completely new to the concept of copywriting and are eager to jump on the fast track to becoming a successful writer.

No matter where you’re at on your copywriting journey, we will meet you there and partner you going forward.

When you sign up for our Copywriting Mentoring, enjoy the benefits of…

  • One on one training of the topics covered in the Copywriting Masterclass
  • A sounding board for your ideas before you write your copy
  • Feedback on your copy and suggestions for improvement

…to produce consistently powerful copy, which actually achieves something for your business.

Brand Strategy Consulting

Discover Your Brand’s Purpose and How to Communicate it Clearly

There’s a lot more to a powerful brand strategy than first meets the eye, and many smaller businesses just “wing it” in the strategy department.

But a custom-designed brand strategy builds trust, credibility, and likability between you and your prospects, which is paramount to ultimately converting them to clients.

Your brand strategy includes…

Defining Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

The tone you use in your writing reflects your unique personality, style, or point of view. It’s what makes your writing authentic and real, and it’s a powerful tool if you understand and apply it effectively.

Think about it – Everyone you meet has their own way of expressing themselves that’s as unique as their face or fingerprint. Some are pleasant and polite. Others are pushy and in your face. Some say so much with just a few words. Others never seem to get to the point…

Businesses are no different, and when your prospects read your text, they understand it on two levels: The facts and descriptions tell their analytical left-brain what’s going on logically, while the tone tells their creative right-brain how likeable and credible you are and what you’d be like to deal with.

We help you define your brand’s tone of voice, so you can implement it consistently in your writing, which lets you connect with your readers by building credibility and trust.

Creating Your Brand’s Style Guide

The key to a strong brand message and awareness is consistency. The more you reinforce your brand across all of your content through consistent use of language, tone, graphics, and layout, the easier it is for you to build brand awareness and identity.

Your style guide can support your marketing initiatives by making sure that your message is clear, consistent, compelling, and concise. This helps set you apart from your competition and resonate with your audience.

We help you create a style guide that pinpoints your brand identity and sends the right message to your audience.

Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition

Let’s face it – there are incredibly few businesses out there that are truly one-of-a-kind or offering a revolutionary product. Most businesses face a healthy dose of competition from a fairly homogeneous pool of competitors, so it’s important to pinpoint exactly what makes your business unique.

Knowing what makes you different is just as important for you as it is for your prospects because it helps you target your sales and marketing more effectively. Once you know what your USP is, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your entire brand identity, which will make hot prospects more likely to find you and get on board with you and your brand.

We help you identify and develop a compelling USP that you can incorporate in all of your marketing messaging to show your customers why you’re the obvious choice.

consuliting and mentoring

To effectively build your brand through your content, you first need to discover what makes your brand unique

Prices and Packages

Casual consulting rates are $147 + GST per hour, or we can put together a customised package for you to suit your needs. To enquire about a customised package, get in touch for a free consultation to discuss what you want to achieve, and we’ll come back to you with a quote and action plan.

If you’re a larger company interested in upskilling whole teams or departments, we can put together a tailored workshop agenda to meet your needs, and facilitate private workshops for you in-house (or at your chosen venue).

Get in touch today so we can discuss your consulting needs!

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