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Create Powerful Content
Your Audience Loves

With our proven storydriven marketing framework that helps you nail your messaging across all brand assets

But really, this is about more than your content...

This is about creating and deploying powerful narratives that build your brand across all channels, touchpoints, and assets. It’s about deeply connecting with your ideal customer. And it’s about gaining brand awareness, authority, and trust.

It’s about helping you stand out AND become the obvious choice.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside…

In this 5-day course, you’ll learn our exact process for creating a storydriven brand messaging and content strategy

The Foundations

What is brand storytelling
And how does it relate to content marketing?

The 2 layers of brand storytelling
The hero’s journey and buyer’s journey

How to embed your brand into your customers’ narrative
So you become their trusted guide

Crafting Your Brand Messaging Roadmap

Mapping out the Hero’s journey
So you know what’s going on in your customers’ heads

Crafting compelling brand narratives
That align with your customers’ hero’s journey

Creating your core brand story and story pillars
So you can talk to different audience groups while staying coherent and on brand

Optimising Your Customer Journey

Mapping the Hero’s journey onto your marketing funnel
So you can create compelling messages for the entire customer journey

Understanding the micro conversions along your customer journey
And what you need to get people across the line at each step

Optimising brand touchpoints across platforms
To create a seamless and powerful user experience

Creating Your Content Strategy

Using content to activate your brand story
And build brand awareness, authority, and trust

Identifying core content topics
To create an optimal customer journey

From topics to strategy
The 4 ingredients of a powerful story driven content strategy (and how to pull it all together)

Watch me Create a Brand Messaging & Content Strategy From Scratch

Over the shoulder walkthrough
Of the module 2 – 4 workbooks with real life examples and guidance

Exclusive strategy walkthrough
An exclusive, behind the scenes look at one of our storydriven content strategies with a full breakdown and explanation of all the parts needed to DIY

It includes templates, frameworks, and big ideas to help you finally nail this whole brand storytelling thing.
With a new module delivered straight to your inbox every day.

This course jam packed with marketing gold, and realistically worth hundreds of $$, but we're giving it away for FREE. Why? Because we firmly believe in radical transparency, and are on a mission to make content strategy open source

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