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What the heck is our brand story anyway? How to find and tell your best stories to deeply connect with your clients

Follow this step-by-step guide to uncover your best brand stories and integrate them into your powerful marketing strategy.
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Writing for the Web: 4 Key Differences to Writing for Offline Media

We now turn to the internet for every want, need, and question. But writing for the web is different to writing for offline media. Understand the key differences to fully leverage your website.

How to Plot and Write Outcome-Driven Email Marketing Campaigns [Includes Checklist]

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any type of marketing. Discover how to design an effective email marketing campaign for your business.

The 5 key aspects of powerful testimonials (and how to leverage them for business growth)

Let your happy clients speak for you - Effective testimonials can be the social proof that prospective clients need to make a purchase decision. Are you using them wisely?

Why Haven’t Marketers Been Told These Facts?
Part 2: Typefaces – Serif or Sans? Bold or Italic?

Serif or Sans? When it comes to the typeface you use in your body copy, there are plenty of options and variations to choose from. Even before you go to…

Why Haven’t Marketers Been Told These Facts?
Part 1: Reading Gravity: Where to Place Important Information

Why Haven’t Marketers Been Told These Facts? Introduction If you’re in business, like I am, it’s a matter of (your business’s) life and death that what you write is read…

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