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Want to leverage
Brand storytelling?

Maybe you know that brand storytelling is a game changer, but don’t know where to start…

  • You don’t have a clear picture of your target audience groups and their internal narrative
  • You haven’t defined your brand story or how it relates to your customers’ needs
  • You don’t understand your customers’ buyer’s journey through the stages of awareness
  • You’re approaching brand messaging, positioning, and voice intuitively – and it changes depending on who’s writing
  • Your content isn’t engineered to help your customers move through your funnel?

If this sounds familiar and you’re ready to do something about it, read on…

Our Storydriven Brand Workshop helps you leverage your story to create a brand your audience loves

In 4 sessions, we’ll take you through our proven Storydriven Marketing Framework, and devise your brand messaging strategy. Giving you…

  • A clear understanding of your different audience groups, their stages of awareness, their internal narrative, their hero’s journey, and how you can speak to them in a way that resonates
  • A concise brand messaging roadmap that guides your communication and ensures all content is relevant, on point, and on brand
  • An in-depth understanding of the micro conversions that move prospects through your marketing funnel, and how to get them across the line at each step
  • A ready-to-use content marketing strategy that clearly defines goals, audience groups, messages, touchpoints, hub topics, spoke topics, publishing avenues, and a publishing schedule

So you consistently nail your messaging across all brand assets

We’ve helped some pretty cool brands

And we can help you too


We’ll work together over 4 weeks (4 x 120min sessions) to create your storydriven brand messaging and content strategy using our proprietary framework 👇

The Foundations

In this session, we’ll cover the fundamentals:

  • What brand storytelling is and how it relates to content marketing. (No, it’s not the same thing!)
  • The 2 layers of brand storytelling, namely, the hero’s journey and buyer’s journey and how they relate
  • How to embed your brand into your customers’ narrative so you become their trusted guide and obvious choice

Message & Positioning

In this session, we’ll craft your brand messaging roadmap by:

  • Mapping out your customers’ hero’s journey, so you know what’s going on in their heads and can connect with them more deeply
  • Crafting compelling brand narratives that align with your customers’ hero’s journey and stage of awareness
  • Creating your core brand story and story pillars so you can talk to different audience groups while staying coherent and on brand.

Your Buyer's Journey

In this session, we’ll map out your buyer’s journey:

  • Map your customers’ hero’s journey onto your marketing funnel so you can create compelling messages for their entire customer journey
  • Understand the micro conversions along your customers’ journey and what you need to get them across the line at each step
  • Optimise brand touchpoints across platforms to create a seamless and powerful user experience

Creating Your Content Strategy

In this session, we’ll devise your content strategy:

  • The ultimate outcome is using content to activate your brand story and build brand awareness, authority, and trust
  • Therefore, we identify core content topics to create an optimal customer journey and achieve seamless micro conversions
  • Determine a sustainable and immediately executable strategy to writing and disseminating your core content for optimal result

How we can work together

  • We work with people all over the world – all our session are on Zoom
  • We are based in New Zealand, but will always find a time that works well for your timezone
  • Helena leads the workshop, taking you through the theory, showing examples, and asking you the right questions to elicit the right information about your brand
  • Isabella takes comprehensive notes and completes the workshop workbook for you during the session, so you can concentrate entirely on the discussion without having to worry about writing stuff down
  • The workshop price doens’t change whether you attend alone or any number of your team members join in. A total of 2-4 attendants is best
  • Let us know if you have any specific requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate them

And then

You execute the strategy in-house

After the workshop, you’ll have a clear guiding strategy, so you’ll be well equipped to nail your messaging across all brand assets and touchpoints

Leave it to your trusty sidekick

If your time is too precious and you’d rather leave it in our capable hands, we’ll craft and deploy your brand messaging & content strategy

Perfect for you if:

  • You’re sick of sounding boring and indistinguishable from so many other brands
  • You recognise the importance of having a strong brand personality for visibility and connection
  • You know you’ve been putting it off too long and are ready to finally leverage brand storytelling for your business!

Not right for you if:

  • You want to blend in and keep bobbin’ around the sea of same
  • You think brand personality is overrated (who needs engagement and connection, right?)
  • You think brand storytelling is just a hype and probably overrated anyway


Unlike generic copywriters, we live and breathe GIS and have been writing for the GIS industry since 2011. You can talk to us like you’d talk to the tech folks on your team and don’t have to waste your time making the complex simple – that’s our job. In short, we just get it!

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