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With Tales Consulting’s strategic approach to brand storytelling and content marketing, we’ve been able to position Orbica as a leader in the geospatial PaaS domain.

Philip Cauntner

Orbica, Head of Revenue


Orbica is a pioneering geospatial PaaS company, dedicated to revolutionising the way businesses unlock value from their geospatial data.

With a focus on innovation and industry leadership, they’ve developed a novel geospatial platform that challenges traditional norms and ushers in a new era in how we “do” GIS.



  • Standing out in a market dominated by tech giants
  • Communicating the platform’s value to diverse stakeholders
  • Helping clients overcome the “cost of switching” to a new platform
  • Redefining perceptions about geospatial data management


  • In-Depth Brand Workshop: Tales helped Orbica identify key customer personas and their customer journey
  • Strategic Content Marketing: Tales produced podcasts, micro clips, and blogs, amplifying Orbica’s brand awareness
  • Distinct Brand Voice: Tales crafted a unique tone for consistent brand recognition


  • Over 3000+ podcast listens across major channels
  • 330,000+ organic LinkedIn impressions, 19% follower increase, and significant engagement boosts
  • 1018% increase in LinkedIn engagement
  • Over 14,300 YouTube impressions
  • Elevated brand image as an industry innovator and leader


Carving a Niche in a Competitive Tech Ecosystem

In a landscape dominated by well-established brands, Orbica faced the daunting task of effectively communicating the unique value proposition of their novel geospatial platform.

They needed to resonate with a diverse range of decision-makers, from tech leaders to business strategists.

Launching a brand around a yet-to-be-released product presented us with a unique set of challenges. We had to simultaneously build excitement and shift the marketplace’s perspective on geospatial data management.

The primary challenge was to convince these stakeholders to transition from their existing tech solutions to Orbica’s innovative, cloud-based PaaS offering.

Overcoming preconceptions and truly shifting the narrative was, without a doubt, one of our most significant hurdles.

Orbica knew they’d need a strong brand message and value proposition to not only stand out in a crowded marketplace, but to carve out a whole new niche within an established industry.

They also knew that they needed to find outside experts who had the industry knowledge, skills, and experience to create and execute a cohesive content marketing strategy, so that they could focus on what they do best: creating a revolutionary geospatial platform.

“Recognising the magnitude of our vision, we understood the importance of seeking external expertise. We needed seasoned professionals with the right industry insights to craft and drive a unified content marketing strategy.”

Philip Cauntner,
Orbica, Head of Revenue


Strategic Brand Storytelling and Comprehensive Content Marketing

In their comprehensive brand workshop, Tales Consulting delved into the core of Orbica’s brand, enabling them to identify and understand their target customers and their drivers.

This not only gave them complete clarity on their market stance but also played a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s evolution.

The brand workshop was pivotal. It not only crystallised our market stance but also directly influenced our platform’s evolution.

This clarity shaped both our external brand presentation and the very core of our platform development.

Recognising the power of content in influencing B2B buying decisions, Tales was then tasked with developing and executing Orbica’s content strategy, tailoring it to resonate with diverse audience segments.

This included the production of a captivating 24-episode video and audio podcast series, which involved creating compelling episode narratives, recording, and post-production editing.

To maximise reach and engagement, micro clips from these episodes were branded and disseminated widely on Orbica’s social media platforms, supported by professionally curated captions.

Tales also transformed the content from the episodes into insightful thought leadership articles to further bolster Orbica’s authoritative voice in the geospatial industry.

“Partnering with Tales Consulting was a gamechanger for us. Their deep understanding of GIS made the content creation process seamless, eliminating the usual hurdles of explaining industry concepts and nuances. Their tailored approach, from the brand workshop to the podcast series, perfectly aligned with our needs, amplifying our voice in the most authentic way.”

Philip Cauntner,
Orbica, Head of Revenue


Significant Brand Exposure and Market Positioning

Now, over 10 months into their partnership, Orbica is seeing higher visibility and engagement across the board.

We’re witnessing consistent growth and heightened engagement on both our LinkedIn and podcast content. It’s a testament to the increasing brand awareness and the resonating impact of our brand message within the industry community.

The team has seen vast improvements internally, too: The newfound clarity on the brand’s core message and essence became instrumental in guiding the development team and aligning the entire organisation with a broader, more impactful vision.

Tales Consulting didn’t just give us a marketing strategy; they gave us a voice, a narrative, and a brand identity that deeply resonates with our diverse audience.

This alignment was further solidified by Tales’ work in refining Orbica’s brand tone of voice. Now, the team has a clear framework to ensure that every piece of content builds trust, resonates deeply with their audience, and feels unmistakably ‘on-brand’.


Beyond the impressive metrics, Orbica’s branding and content journey carved their position as innovative thought leaders in the GIS landscape.

Today, Orbica is celebrated not just for their revolutionary platform, but also for their visionary approach, setting new benchmarks and leading the industry forward.

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