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Turn Your Content Into Revenue

Your website and marketing content should help you strengthen relationships and close sales by creating a clear path from your company to your customer.

In fact, it should be moving you closer toward your overall business goals by…

  • Building authority and making you the go-to expert in your field
  • Fostering relationships between your brand and your clients
  • Boosting your SEO rankings and generating traffic to your site
  • Attracting the RIGHT customers by making you stand out from the competition
  • Nurturing your clients from being unaware that you even exist to becoming loyal, repeat customers

Is your content is pulling its weight and growing your business?

While many businesses write a blog or put regular content on social media, most fail ever to get the traction they’re hoping for. Their content doesn’t actually convert leads to sales.

Often, a lack of strategy is to blame for the lack of outcome. Because – in the words of the late and great Yogi Berra – “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”.

Get Your Free Content Strategy Blueprint

Want to create your own content strategy that will get you results? Then simply fill out our ultimate content strategy blueprint (template) and you’re set to go with months’ worth of content ideas

Content Marketing Services

Is your content contributing to your business growth?

If your content isn’t working hard enough for you, don’t worry – we can help.
We provide optimised content writing services where we tell your story, in your brand’s tone of voice, and in your style

Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Regular blog content that supports your content marketing strategy and actively contributes to your business growth

Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Email Campaigns and Newsletters

Email campaigns designed to convert leads to sales and newsletters that offer genuine value to nurture and convert prospects

Graphic Design

Infographics & Content Design

Professionally designed infographics, lead magnets, and blog images to support your content with a strong visual brand

Marketing Collateral

Promotional Content

Compelling sales copy that is impactful and persuasive for brochures, flyers, leaflets, and other marketing collateral

Video Script Copywriting

Video Scripts

Compelling video scripts that captivate viewers and communicate your message in a clear and effective way

Lead Generation Content

Lead Magnets & Books

Professionally written and designed lead magnets including E-books, reports, case studies, fact sheets, checklist, and guides

Your business is unique and so are your content needs. Book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your content strategy. We’ll help you come up with a content plan to amplify your impact and see real business growth


Your content marketing should be having a measurable impact on your business growth

Content Marketing Strategy

Perhaps you want to DIY your content but need a roadmap for content marketing success?

We partner you in devising an outcome-driven content strategy, so you know exactly where you’re going with your content and how to get there.

You walk away with a content-roadmap that outlines…

  • How your content fits into your overall digital marketing strategy
  • Which key customer problem your content solves
  • Which topics fit within that purpose
  • How different pieces of content work together to tell a coherent and compelling story that will captivate and engage your audience

A clear strategy ensures that your content is moving you toward your business goals – measurably. So you’re not wasting your precious time creating content that’s not working for you.

Together, we will map out your individual pieces of content in an editorial calendar, so you can stay on track with your content creation, and stop constantly struggling for ideas.

Markus From Archery Park Shooting A Longbow

Markus Erdmann, Founder of Archery Park

Tales Content & Copywriting provided exceptional help with the copy for our flyer and website. The text is precise and short, but with the required marketing punch. Working with Tales was a great experience.

Get in touch today so we can discuss your content marketing needs!

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