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Copywriting is a critical element in your marketing strategy and a key ingredient for all areas of business success. You see, copywriting is not merely about getting words down on paper to convey a message, rather it’s the act of strategically delivering words that move people to action

It’s about understanding fundamental principles of consumer psychology, digging out what’s unique about your offering, and crafting powerful copy that makes your reader crave the product or service you’re selling or promoting.

No matter what kind of copywriting you want to do – whether it’s web copy, traditional sales letters, email nurture campaigns, Business-to-Business, or anything else – you’ll find out everything you need to know in this Masterclass, including how to…

  • Write website content that will make your phone ring
  • Craft persuasive texts that leave a lasting impression
  • Stand out in the content marketing jungle to attract more prospects
  • Express your offer in a way your prospects can’t ignore
  • Become a confident business writer, happy with your content

If you want to jump on the fast track to becoming a successful business writer, we invite you to attend this invigorating, inspirational, and eye-opening Copywriting Masterclass, where you will gain both the confidence and skills to write powerful sales and marketing copy.

You don’t have to be an experienced, accomplished, “natural”, or even keen writer to make these principles work for you!

See Immediate Results

With copy that you can finally feel confident in

This Masterclass is packed with copywriting how-tos that range from identifying your prospects’ core buying emotions… to finding your point of difference and using it to craft compelling offers… to applying proven sales pitch formulas to your own business writing… to the art of story-driven marketing… to writing powerful headlines that grab your prospect by the eyeballs… to writing email copy that can generate sales just like that.

In this hands-on workshop you will get the foundation you need to THINK differently about what your copywriting can do and how it should sound.

You will gain the skills to knock out your first draft and then “edit in the awesome”, and, best of all, you can do it all immediately with the right training and the help of handy templates and a proven process.

These valuable skills can pay off instantly. With a single email send or headline tweak, you could cover the full cost of the program with plenty left over (oh, and did I mention the repeat income from sending the email again?)


Register for the workshop today and receive exclusive membership access to:

  • Handy templates of proven-to-convert copy so you can gain ideas and speed up the writing process
  • Checklists to ensure you are ticking all the boxes that will get you stellar results
  • Our top-selling Copywriting Manual to help you polish your new skills and take your copy to the next level
Goodie bag
The Modules
Module 1: Consumer Psychology 101

What you get…

  • Understanding Human Desires and How They Relate to Sales
  • Copywriting Emotions – What Really Makes Us Tick
  • Psychological Principles That Drive the Sales Machine
  • Features Versus Benefits (And How to Apply Them to Your Marketing)
  • Proven and Practical Methods of Increasing Your Credibility
Module 2: The Rule of One

What you get…

  • Getting to Know Your Audience and Writing for Them
  • Finding Your Unique Selling Proposition and Wording it Right
  • Making an Irresistible Offer Your Prospect Can’t Refuse
  • Discovering Your Brand’s Unique Tone of Voice and Using it in Your Sales Copy
Module 3: Five Building Blocks of Winning Copy

What you get…

  • Discover How to Apply Proven Sales Pitch Formulas to Your Business Writing
  • Find Out How Aspects of Layout and Design Can Make or Break Your Sales Pitch
  • Understand How to Write Headlines That Grab Attention
  • How to Write Subject Lines with Record-Breaking Opening Rates
  • Understand the Importance of a Strong Call to Action
Module 4: Creating Killer Content

What you get…

  • Plot (and Write) Outcome-Driven Email Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Through Blogs and Social Media
  • Writing for SEO: How to Appeal to Man and Machine
  • Understanding Landing Pages and How to Align Them with Your Marketing Campaigns
  • How to Effectively Generate and Present High-Quality Content
Module 5: The Copywriting Workflow

What you get…

  • Punch Up Your Copy by Injecting Emotion, Storytelling, and Personal Touches
  • How to Test the Effect of Your Copy Before (And After) It Goes Live
  • How to Combat Wordiness and Keep the Content Sharp
  • How to Get the Ideas Flowing When You’re Stuck
  • Language Matters: Simple Tips for Becoming a More Stylish Writer
Module 6: Story-Driven Marketing

What you get…

  • The Story Structure: How to Create a Compelling Narrative that Captures and Holds Your Prospects’ Attention
  • Finding Hooks and Sinkers That Will Move Your Audience to Action (Buy!)
  • “But I Don’t Have Any Good Stories to Tell…” – Uncover the Potential Stories Hidden in Your Business and Apply Them to Drive Leads and Convert Sales

Register Now To Secure Your Place (Limited Spaces Available)

Your Presenter
Helena Merschdorf, SEO & Conversion Copywriter

Hi, I’m Helena, and I’ve been writing ever since I started pushing crayons around a scrapbook in my kindergarten days.

Since then I have written hundreds if not thousands of pieces.

I’ve written books, scientific journal articles, magazine articles, academic theses (1 x Bachelor’s, 2 x Master’s and 1 PhD, to be precise), advertising materials, reports, email campaigns, and websites.

Many, many websites.

In this time, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve learned that writing for the internet is a totally different gig to writing offline, and I’ve learned what it takes to stand out online.

I’m also a tad bit of a nerd (and a scientist), which is why I’ve paired my practical writing experience with experiements, data analytics, user testing, and constant research and development to be at the top of my game.

It’s my mission to distill this experience and expertise into useful and digestible chunks, so I can help solopreneurs and businesses nail their message, build trust and authority, and stand out online.

I’ve worked with over 300 companies and institutions around the world, including brands like…

Brand Experience
Testimonials From Past Events

Helena has helped many businesses, universities, and organisations around the world craft more compelling texts through training, one-on-one coaching, and as a hired professional copywriter.

Here’s what they have to say…

This course has given me so many ideas for how to improve my copy, not only on my website, but for social media posts, YouTube videos and email newsletters. Helena's knowledge seems endless, and I am already applying what she…read more

Found the course very useful. Helena certainly knows her stuff!

Helena is very professional and knows a lot about her topic. I like the examples she uses and the fact that she relates the theory to what she herself is doing too. I've found that over the course of her…read more

Thank you Helena, It has been a valuable experience taking your Copywriting Masterclass. I have learned so much that I hardly know where to start. So I have just dived right in by re writing About Us to become Our…read more

Helena's Copywriting course has been invaluable in my growth as a DIY marketer. With the strategies she has taught I now feel more confident with my writing. I am able to put together a cohesive plan for my marketing and…read more

I have loved the copywriting masterclass. It's been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. It has assisted me with my business on many levels, and covered all of the topics of great value to me. Helena has been so helpful…read more

Helena is among the top marketing coaches in Nelson. Her in-depth knowledge of business language, email & content marketing is impressive. She is intelligent, articulate and easy to work with. I highly recommend Helena's copywriting course and 1-2-1 coaching, both…read more

Gosh, I had no idea there is a real strategy behind copywriting! Helena's course has been amazingly comprehensive, along with supporting templates and PPT slides to kickstart my building-block process of planning and writing. It's exciting!

All good things must come to an end......I don't think so. Tales Copywriting Masterclass has been excellent and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new information. The course may have finished but the application of the course material will continue in…read more

Learning from Helena has been a great experience. Her expertise is evident, and she imparts her knowledge in a really enjoyable way. I can totally recommend Helena's copywriting course to any business wanting to fine tune their marketing material. As…read more

I have recently been on Helena's copy writing course headed by Nelson Tasman Business Trust. I have particularly enjoyed the six weeks broken up course, rather than it being packed into one day. It's given me time to reflect on…read more

Workshop Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event if required, in this case participants will be notified. The workshop is subject to a minimum number of attendees.
  • Participants give permission to be photographed or video recorded at any time during the workshop for use in marketing materials. Please let us know in advance if you wouldn’t like to be recorded so we can accommodate your request.
  • Feedback submitted will be used as testimonials.
  • Participants agree to receive information by email from NTBT & Tales, including future business activities and events.

Earnings disclaimer: Specific results, earnings, or income examples are only estimates of what we think you could earn based on general industry figures. There is no assurance that your site will perform as well, and there are elements that contribute to your site’s success that go beyond the copy and content.

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