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Masterclass in Academic Writing and Authentic Communication

Better words get better results!

Transform Your Writing Skills So Your Manuscripts Get Published, Read, And Cited.

To succeed in academic writing, you have to understand and master a few key principles and, above all, practice, practice, practice!

While only you can put in the practice, this workshop will equip you with the know-how and tools to facilitate a productive writing process.

Once you recognise the principles of good academic writing, you will be able to employ them effectively to achieve great writing of your own.

This workshop covers the three key factors that make up good academic writing: Structure, Grammar/Style, and Consistency.

The fourth workshop module then introduces you to the missing piece of the puzzle to take your academic writing skills from good to great. It’s all about finding your written voice through authentic communication.

See Immediate Results

This Masterclass is packed with academic writing how-tos that range from selecting your data… to structuring a paragraph… developing the sections of your paper… the submission and review process… learning about grammar, style, and punctuation… to developing your unique tone of voice to engage your audience and get your papers read and cited.

In this hands-on workshop you will get the foundation you need to THINK differently about what your academic writing can do and how it should sound.

You will gain the skills to plan your writing in a logical way, so the writing process itself becomes quick and easy and you don’t have to agonise over every word.

You’ll also learn how to edit your own work to ensure your writing is clear, concise and compelling, and, best of all, you can do it all immediately with the right training and the help of handy templates and a proven process.


Helena has helped many businesses universities, and organisations around the world craft more compelling texts through training, one-on-one coaching, and as a hired professional copywriter.

Here’s what they have to say…

Both Isabella and Helena have edited my PhD manuscripts throughout the years, and I have always been exceptionally happy with their service. They have really helped me to improve the…read more

The English spelling and grammar editing of my published manuscripts improved not only my submitted scientific papers but also my personal writing skills. Even under tight time pressure Helena and…read more

I have worked with both Helena and Isabella several times to get the English of my manuscripts into excellent publishable shape. As English is my second language, I am often…read more

TALES has supported me several times already. As a non-native English speaker, it is important for me to provide my scientific publications in high quality – not only content wise…read more

Selection of companies and organisations Helena has worked with:

Your Presenter

Helena - Translations ManagerHelena Merschdorf

Helena Merschdorf is a passionate entrepreneur, scientist, and copywriter, who has presented her popular Masterclass workshop series around the world, as far abroad as Austria. With Master’s degrees and industry experience in both geographic information science and linguistics, Helena understands the challenges faced by various industries in today’s fast-paced information society.

Since starting out in the language business in 2011, Helena has translated and written numerous business websites to meet the growing demands of business globalisation, refining her web-writing skills in the process.

She discovered the power of great web-copy, and how the words on a website can effectively make or break its sales potential. Helena found this concept truly fascinating. She was eager to learn all the ins and outs of writing great copy and content (not just for websites!), which led her to pursue the industry-leading AWAI Copywriting Program.

In the program, she consolidated her web-writing skills and learnt how to write powerful promotions, sales emails, direct response campaigns, content marketing campaigns, and much more.

Helena also recognised that her clients would benefit most if she coupled her powerful copywriting skills with a solid understanding of digital marketing. As someone who is always keen to learn and grow, Helena underpinned her copywriting services with a Micromasters in Digital Marketing, giving her the well-rounded industry understanding she possesses today.

The Modules

Module One


  • Data Selection and Preliminary Structuring
  • How to Structure a Paragraph
  • Developing the Sections of Your Paper
  • Submission and Review Process

Module Two

Grammar and Style

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Word Use in Academic Writing
  • Common Mistakes in Academic Writing
  • Making Your Writing Reader Friendly

Module Three


  • Logical Consistency
  • Structural Consistency
  • Developing and Using a Style Guide

Module Four

Authentic Communication

  • The Creative Touch
  • Finding Your Authentic Tone of Voice
  • Writing for Your Reader
  • Storytelling in Academic Writing
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