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If I could just get someone who knows SEO and copywriting to help me optimise my website 

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to spend hundreds of hours learning yet another skill, but you know that a performance-optimised website is absolutely crucial for your business growth.

You have so many things to stay on top of that optimising your website just never quite makes it to the top of your to-do list.

But you know so much depends on it.

If only you could get some expert guidance on:

  • How to improve your website’s organic search ranking for more free traffic
  • Which keywords you should be targeting and how to naturally weave them into your copy for more SEO-sizzle
  • How to deliver human-friendly, readable and engaging content that leaves an impression in your reader (and, ultimately, brings money to the bank)
  • Writing copy that drives enquiries and bookings without spending hundreds of hours learning how to write copy like a pro

Because – let’s face it – unless you’ve got this stuff sussed, chances are you’re leaving money on the table.

But here’s the great news:

You CAN get expert guidance on these things (and more) at our upcoming website writing workshop.

Introducing: Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine

The Quick and Easy Way for Time-Strapped Business Owners to Write Their Own High-Conversion Website

This two-day workshop will guide you through the process of optimising your website’s content for search engine discovery (SEO) and maximising your conversion rate (CRO).

On Day 1, we will cover the ins and outs of on-page SEO (minus the tech jargon), and you’ll be guided through both strategy and execution using a combination of teaching and practical exercises.

That way, you can check the dreaded keyword research off your list, and start weaving your newfound keyword insights into your site for maximum Google-power!

Then, on Day 2, we look at how you can optimise your website to convert a high proportion of that traffic into actual business.

You will gain a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t, common conversion roadblocks, and conversion copywriting strategies that you can use quickly and easily.

By the end, you will have a clear list of recommendations to improve your site, and a precise action plan to confidently optimise your content.


Register for the workshop today and receive exclusive membership access to:

  • Handy templates of proven-to-convert copy so you can gain ideas and speed up the writing process
  • Checklists to ensure you are ticking all the boxes that will get you stellar results
  • Our top-selling Copywriting Manual to help you polish your new skills and take your copy to the next level
Goodie bag

Register Now To Secure Your Place (Limited Spaces Available)

For Example, You'll Walk Away Knowing...
  • Which keywords to target for maximum Google power, and how to skilfully weave those keywords into your copy
  • How to write title tags and meta-descriptions that boost your search engine rankings and make you stand out in the search results
  • How to write your website in a way that is relevant and engaging for your reader and makes them want to buy from you
  • How you can substantially increase the number of people who actually take action on your site instead of leaving without buying, never to be seen again
  • How to turn your website into your #1 salesperson to help you grow and scale your business (even on a shoestring budget)
Your Website is the Heart of Your Digital Marketing Strategy
SEO and Conversion copywriting
Day 1: Writing Websites That Get Found (SEO Copywriting)

Because you want to grow your business with targeted traffic to your site (without spending hundreds a month on SEO or PPC)

If there’s one thing every business needs, it’s more free traffic to their website.

With the rising cost of pay-per click (PPC) advertisements, and increasingly competitive keywords, using paid campaigns for website traffic is quickly becoming unaffordable for many small to medium sized businesses.

But not getting your website in front of potential customers is losing you money every month. Which is why search engine optimisation (SEO) is so important.

SEO incorporated found that having competitive SEO phrases is key to getting your site on the first page of Google. Those phrases were linked to growing your business by 73%, resulting in an average of $15,000 for companies surveyed.

In other words, if you target the right keywords and set up your SEO properly, the very people you want to attract to your business will find you through organic searches.

So your marketing budget is freed up for other avenues, or goes straight to your bottom line.

In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of on-page SEO. That includes everything related to the content and copy on your website, which are by far the most important ranking criteria. (Note, we will not cover back-end SEO in detail. That includes aspects like backlinks, domain authority, site speed, etc.)

In this action-packed day, we'll cover things like...
  • How Google works, and why you need to write in a client-focussed way to get to the top of the search engine results.
  • Keyword research. How to find the search words people use to find your site. We’ll cover different ways to begin your discovery and come up with a list of highly useful keyphrases that will make you the hero to your prospects.
  • Writing optimised content. How to weave keyphrases into your optimised, reader-friendly web content.
  • Title tags and meta-descriptions. What they are and how to write them for best search results.

By the end of the day, you’ll have a clear idea of which keywords you should be targeting for your business and how you can weave them into the copy on the page for maximum Google power.

You’ll also have a better understanding of how to write for the web in general, which will help you gain cut-through in other channels like your blog or email marketing.

You don’t have to be an experienced, accomplished, “natural”, or even keen writer to make these principles work for you!

Ready to Skyrocket Your Leads and Sales?

Day 2: Writing Websites That Convert (Conversion Copywriting)

Because you can maximise the return from your online marketing by optimising your conversion rate

Wondering why your website isn’t making your phone ring?

Why people aren’t buying more?

Maybe your site is getting a decent flow of traffic…

But those conversions just aren’t happening.

You know you need to do something with the words on your site, but hiring a professional copywriter is out of the budget right now.

If this sounds familiar, then Writing Web Pages that Convert is the perfect workshop for you!

In this course, you’ll learn to write website copy that increases the number of site visitors that turn into buyers, helping you accelerate your business growth.

In this action-packed day, we'll cover things like...
  • 6 common mistakes that cause visitors to abandon your website and never return again.
  • Diagnose why your website isn’t converting well using free and easy tools and techniques to understand how you can improve your site.
  • 9 proven-to-convert website copywriting strategies to overcome conversion roadblocks, with detailed walkthroughs and examples. (You can apply these strategies right away).

By the end of the day, you’ll know what to write on your website to appeal to your audience.

You’ll know why it’s engineered to convert.

And because you’ll know what to say and how to say it, you’ll be able to transfer your newfound insights and understanding to all your other advertising materials.

And the best part is…

When you successfully apply these strategies, you can double, triple or even quadruple your website sales in the next few months while spending the same (or even less) on your marketing.

Bonus: After you have implemented your action plan, you’ll get customised feedback from one of our seasoned website copywriters.

Ready to Skyrocket Your Leads and Sales?

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is specifically designed for businesses that are committed and dedicated to getting their sales figures skyrocketing.

You’re in the right place if you…

  • Already have an established business, and want to use your website as a major source of leads and sales
  • Want a consistent flow of qualified leads coming into your business, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year
  • Are hungry for knowledge that will give you a clear competitive advantage over most other businesses out there
  • Want to know – without a shadow of doubt – whether your website is the best it can be, or if you’re leaving money on the table

Learning from Helena has been a great experience. Her expertise is evident, and she imparts her knowledge in a really enjoyable way. I can totally recommend Helena’s copywriting course to any business wanting to fine tune their marketing material. As a new business, the material presented is like gold to me. Thank you, Helena!

– Louise Routledge, Three Gems

Your Presenter
Helena Merschdorf, SEO & Conversion Copywriter

Hi, I’m Helena, and I’ve been writing ever since I started pushing crayons around a scrapbook in my kindergarten days.

Since then I have written hundreds if not thousands of pieces.

I’ve written books, scientific journal articles, magazine articles, academic theses (1 x Bachelor’s, 2 x Master’s and 1 PhD, to be precise), advertising materials, reports, email campaigns, and websites.

Many, many websites.

In this time, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve learned that writing for the internet is a totally different gig to writing offline, and I’ve learned what it takes to stand out online.

I’m also a tad bit of a nerd (and a scientist), which is why I’ve paired my practical writing experience with experiements, data analytics, user testing, and constant research and development to be at the top of my game.

It’s my mission to distill this experience and expertise into useful and digestible chunks, so I can help solopreneurs and businesses nail their message, build trust and authority, and stand out online.

I’ve worked with over 300 companies and institutions around the world, including brands like…

Brand Experience
A Small Investment Can Have a Big Impact

Because you don’t just have a hunch that your copy can be better – you know there’s a vast improvement on the horizon

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to spend hundreds of hours learning yet another skill, but you know that a performance-optimised website is absolutely crucial for your business growth.

That’s why this workshop is designed with a strong hands-on focus, so you can implement your learnings straight away and don’t end up with a long list of good intentions to add to your already jam packed to do list.

Unlike in other workshops, you...
  • Can start improving your website in class with expert guidance
  • Have access to two tutors for in-depth discussions about your particular business
  • Won’t end up with a long to-do list that never gets done
  • Get access to our huge resource library, with guides, checklists, templates and tools to help you compress months of learning into days
  • Receive a professional review of your website once you’ve completed any changes with even more helpful feedback

When bought separately, these services are valued at thousands of dollars, and even then I would suggest that you’d achieve a very worthwhile return on investment.

That said, this workshop isn’t going to cost you thousands or even one thousand dollars.

In fact, you can attend both days for only $399, or one day for $247 (+GST).

Plus, you will be covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at the end of the workshop you honestly believe that you didn’t get enough value for the ticket price, then just say so right away and you’ll receive a full refund.

Our previous workshops have all had a 100% satisfaction rate, and I believe that you will also fully appreciate and leverage the value that these strategies add to your business.

But if at the end you truly don’t, then please know that this option is available.




This Is The Workshop For You!

Register Now To Secure Your Place (Limited Spaces Available)

Testimonials From Past Events

Helena has helped many businesses, universities, and organisations around the world craft more compelling texts through training, one-on-one coaching, and as a hired professional copywriter.

Here’s what they have to say…

Helena is very professional and knows a lot about her topic. I like the examples she uses and the fact that she relates the theory to what she herself is doing too. I've found that over the course of her…read more

Thank you Helena, It has been a valuable experience taking your Copywriting Masterclass. I have learned so much that I hardly know where to start. So I have just dived right in by re writing About Us to become Our…read more

All good things must come to an end......I don't think so. Tales Copywriting Masterclass has been excellent and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new information. The course may have finished but the application of the course material will continue in…read more

Learning from Helena has been a great experience. Her expertise is evident, and she imparts her knowledge in a really enjoyable way. I can totally recommend Helena's copywriting course to any business wanting to fine tune their marketing material. As…read more

I have loved the copywriting masterclass. It's been a great source of knowledge and inspiration. It has assisted me with my business on many levels, and covered all of the topics of great value to me. Helena has been so helpful…read more

This course has given me so many ideas for how to improve my copy, not only on my website, but for social media posts, YouTube videos and email newsletters. Helena's knowledge seems endless, and I am already applying what she…read more

I have recently been on Helena's copy writing course headed by Nelson Tasman Business Trust. I have particularly enjoyed the six weeks broken up course, rather than it being packed into one day. It's given me time to reflect on…read more

Gosh, I had no idea there is a real strategy behind copywriting! Helena's course has been amazingly comprehensive, along with supporting templates and PPT slides to kickstart my building-block process of planning and writing. It's exciting!

Found the course very useful. Helena certainly knows her stuff!

Helena is among the top marketing coaches in Nelson. Her in-depth knowledge of business language, email & content marketing is impressive. She is intelligent, articulate and easy to work with. I highly recommend Helena's copywriting course and 1-2-1 coaching, both…read more

Helena's Copywriting course has been invaluable in my growth as a DIY marketer. With the strategies she has taught I now feel more confident with my writing. I am able to put together a cohesive plan for my marketing and…read more

Workshop Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event if required, in this case participants will be notified. The workshop is subject to a minimum number of attendees.
  • Participants give permission to be photographed or video recorded at any time during the workshop for use in marketing materials. Please let us know in advance if you wouldn’t like to be recorded so we can accommodate your request.
  • Feedback submitted will be used as testimonials.
  • Participants agree to receive information by email from NTBT & Tales, including future business activities and events.

Earnings disclaimer: Specific results, earnings, or income examples are only estimates of what we think you could earn based on general industry figures. There is no assurance that your site will perform as well, and there are elements that contribute to your site’s success that go beyond the copy and content.

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