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As a researcher from China, I am experiencing increasing pressure to get my manuscripts published in English. Since English is my second language, linguistic mentality problems like the word-to-word translation of traditional Chinese expressions into English have led to unprofessional or redundant content in my manuscripts. Helena and Isabella have helped me a lot in formalizing and verbalizing alternative interpretations of my research questions and findings, in order to express them in an attractive way. They really pay attention to the discipline-specific differences of my methodologies, encourage me to compose my ideas in a constructive manner, and ensure that my manuscripts are well organized, following a clear and uniform style. Through their extensive help, I have gradually learned to avoid expression errors in my papers, for example, keeping in mind never to write a sentence longer than 40 words. Just as the motto that they gave to me: Never stop learning. Writing English for me is the lifetime skill that needs to be practised.

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