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Airport Rentals & Storage

The Client’s Vision

After merging several businesses and undergoing a full re-brand, the team behind Airport Rentals and Storage wanted a fresh new website. The aim was to set themselves apart from the competition by clearly outlining their value proposition and points of difference. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the diverse messages – aimed at different sectors of the business – into a compelling and coherent flow.

How We Brought It To Life

After gaining a thorough understanding of the business and all its different aspects, we identified the common thread in the value propositions for all services. That is, to offer professional services backed by years of experience but in a cost-effective way. We then identified the different audience groups and their individual needs, and tailored the content of the different pages to resonate with each particular audience group, while staying true to the overall tone and message. The result? A website that successfully combines various services in a coherent and compelling way.

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