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Pegasus Shipping Company
website copywriting wireframe for Pegasus shipping

We use real data and insights to produce powerful website copywriting.
Our copy is presented in a conversion-optimised layout to ensure that
it works with your design in the best way possible.

The Client’s Vision

The guys from Pegasus Shipping Company were looking to give their website a complete makeover, including a re-design and fresh new copy. Their vision was to clearly communicate what they do (and what they don’t do), to attract more of their ideal clients online.

How We Brought It To Life

To write compelling website copy that attracts their ideal clients, we first had to understand what is important to their audience. What do they look for in a shipping company? What questions do they have? How much do they already know? And what obstacles do they need to overcome before saying “Yes!”. To answer these questions, we dug deep into keyword research, competitor research, market research, and voice of customer research. We collected data and insights that allowed us to position Pegasus Shipping Company as the go-to experts in their field with engaging and compelling copy. Keep and eye out for the new Pegasus website, which is launching soon!

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