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Stevens Orchard Lawyers - Law Awards Entries
Law Awards Submission

The Client’s Vision

Stevens Orchard Lawyers were nominated for the New Zealand Law Awards in two categories, so they sought our help in crafting engaging awards entries that would capture the essence of their firm.

How We Brought It To Life

First, we worked to understand the company, it’s people and the values that drive them.

Once we had a solid understanding of what sets Stevens Orchard apart, we devised a clear and logical structure for the awards entries, which enabled us to effectively present the firm’s mission, initiatives, value proposition, achievements, and client benefits without exceeding the maximum word count.

We then carefully crafted the copy for the submissions using an engaging yet appropriate tone of voice, and underpinned the message with meaningful client testimonials.

Lee James, Managing Director

Our law firm has had the privilege of being nominated for the New Zealand Law Awards for the past three consecutive years, and this year Helena drafted our awards entry for us. Helena was readily able to tap into and capture our firm’s personality and values, and represented these aspects in her writing by using our brand’s tone of voice – we definitely couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Helena was full of great ideas, and drafted a truly unique and creative submission for us, all the while incorporating our wishes and feedback. We were thrilled with the result, and could clearly see the difference it had made hiring a professional for the job.

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