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Beachside Villas Motel

The Client’s Vision

Beachside Villas’s website was not ranking well in search engines, and the owners found that even if someone visited their website directly, they would often still book via, costing the owners unnecessary commission. Through a complete site overhaul they hoped to achieve more search traffic and direct bookings via their site.

How We Brought It To Life

When visitors don’t take action on a site, a lot of the time a lack of trust is to blame. When rewriting the site, we placed a strong emphasis on including trust-building elements such as reviews, photos, and customer-centric language, just to name a few. We also worked with elements of storytelling and emotional appeal to allow guests to envision their stay at this luxury motel.

For years our website was not performing particularly well, but we never thought the content was to blame. Only after Tales completely rewrote our site, targeting specific keywords, did we finally attract more site visitors and a spike in direct bookings via our website. The upgrade has been well worth it, thank you Helena and Isabella! – Andrea

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